J2 Sales Solutions is a manufacturers’ representative firm founded by industry veteran, J. Costen. We specialize in a wide variety of construction products including those used in the roofing, solar, high performance coatings, and custom vegetative roofing industry segments.


From the field to the office to sales and management, we have worked in nearly every aspect of the roofing and building industry over the past 25+ years. We’ve seen the highs and the lows, stumbled through struggles, risen up to challenges, and achieved great successes. Throughout our careers and experience, we have also identified a few gaps in our industry that we feel need to be addressed.


Ultimately, the goal for anyone in the building industry is to make their mark on the world, adding their part to the creation of beautiful, efficient buildings that impact the people living or working within them.

  • Architects strive to balance their vision and aesthetic approach with the efficiency and functionality of a space.
  • Contractors work to build a facility that meets the design requirements, is structurally sound, and operates as intended.
  • Owners want a building that meets their needs, keeping in mind long-term durability and operational efficiency.
For the best results in the built environment, high quality products that best meet the needs of a project need to be chosen and installed. Architects, contractors, and even building owners try to stay informed about all the latest products that could be specified in a project – but the list is long and can be a bit daunting. Manufacturers’ representatives offer a more efficient way to get the information you need to achieve optimum results. All too often, however, we’ve seen representatives fall short in the service they could be providing. Many are simply reactive – giving you what you need when you ask for it.

But, what if you don’t realize you aren’t always asking the right questions?


Closing these gaps is the driving force behind the establishment of J2 Sales Solutions, where we believe the role of a manufacturers’ representative is so much more. We don’t strive to just provide information when our customers ask – we focus instead on helping our customers ask better questions, assist them in choosing and/or installing better products, and better identifying and developing opportunities.


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