You understand the building owner’s goals for your project and have created a beautiful concept that meets those goals. As you develop your design, the time has come to begin choosing specific products that will satisfy both your vision for the project and its functionality requirements. As manufacturing representatives, our goal is to provide you with key information about the latest products available and the benefits they offer.

As J2 Sales Solutions, however, we believe our role is much more. We are committed to being a trusted resource for you, representing only high quality commercial roofing systems, custom vegetative solutions, and high performance coatings that you can rely on. We understand the importance of choosing products that will meet the needs of the building owner while upholding the integrity of your design and providing overall value.



    Keeping up with the latest technologies available in the market can be a time-consuming effort. We make it our priority to stay informed so we can help educate your staff and determine the best products to meet both your design and functional criteria. Our services include:

    • lunch and learn presentations for continuing education credit
    • technical information and solutions
    • product demonstrations and facility tours

  • Reduce Risk with PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE

    We will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the products we represent, help you spec products properly and ensure you are fully informed to reduce any risk. Our services include:

    • evaluation of existing materials and/or design concepts
    • system recommendations and cost estimating
    • specification review and writing
    • field assistance during installation and quality assurance