As a building owner or facility manager, your goal is to have a sound building that operates efficiently, providing the highest ROI possible over time. Issues arising in the roofing system or exterior wall system can quickly reduce the efficiency of your building and degrade its value. As manufacturers’ representatives, our goal is to provide you with reliable building solutions that offer you the best value for years to come.

To accomplish this, we view the critical aspects of our role as so much more than simply providing you with in-depth product information and recommendations for your project. We work as your advocate to connect you with the best products and the best professionals in the market to achieve your long-term goals. We help architects in selecting the best materials, help the contractors to integrate and install products properly and stay connected with you even beyond the completion of a project to make sure your needs are met well into the future.


  • Provide PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE for informed decisions

    It can be a daunting process to stay informed about the latest technologies and the best products available in the market for your building. With more than 50 years of combined industry experience and ongoing education through trade shows, seminars and industry news – we stay informed for you, serving as your resource to custom construction solutions that best suit your project and your business goals. Our services include:

    • evaluation of existing materials and/or design concepts
    • product information and demonstrations, including green building options
    • custom solutions and recommendations for architects, contractors and consultants

  • TRAIN your team to ensure efficiency

    After determining the best solutions for your building, it is critical that your building assets are installed and maintained properly. Working as your advocate, we will help train your team from the contractors that install your building components to the facility managers that take care of them. Our services include:

    • contractor training for long-term service, even after project completion
    • installation training and field observation during installation
    • building asset management and warranty support