Do you want to increase sales, while lowering your operating costs? If so, then you have come to the right place. As a manufacturer, you need to get your products into the hands of a building owner and/or contractor. The cost of a direct sales team, however, can be expensive – not to mention the cost of training and maintaining that team.

At J2 Sales Solutions, not only do we work to penetrate our local markets for you, providing your customers with the product information they need, but we go beyond that to serve as your strategic partner. With more than 50 years of combined industry experience, we leverage our established network of industry contacts to identify and develop opportunities that will result in sales. We proactively set out to build our relationships, capitalize on the sales opportunities that already exist and train contractors to sell more projects, ultimately resulting in greater sales for you. Some of the benefits we offer you:


  • Commitment – We are driven by a common goal to find beneficial solutions for the end user using the products that we represent.
  • Market Penetration – Through our 50+ years of combined industry experience, we have developed a network of sound industry relationships at every level.
  • Increased Sales – Representing multiple product lines allows us to capitalize on a broader network of industry contacts and identify additional application opportunities for your products.
  • Predictable Sales Costs – Your sales costs will be based on products sold according to our agreement, without the needed of maintaining and training a sales team
  • Cost Effective Approach – During inevitable slower sales periods, your costs will also be reduced as commissions are directly related to sales.
  • Shared Marketing – We only get paid through actual sales, driving our team to market your products for you in our markets.


  • Empower Customers with PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE

    We will market your products on your behalf, provide in-depth product information to your customers when they need it, and help them train them to sell your products, ultimately boosting your sales. Services we provide include:

    • product marketing and sales demonstrations focused product benefits and capabilities
    • company and product promotion through social media, sales calls and face-to-face meetings
    • provide custom construction solutions, backed by product literature, that meet the needs of our customers’ projects


  • TRAIN Your Customers

    Whether your customers need product information about the benefits and applications of your products or they need support through the installation process, we will serve as your representative in the market. We are responsive and sensitive to their needs, while we focus on developing established relationships that your customers can count on from material selection through installation and follow up. Our services include:

    • lunch and learn presentations with technical information and product benefits
    • joint sales calls and training of contractor sales team to identify profitable sales opportunities
    • installation support and training to ensure proper use and installation of your products