J2 Sales Solutions Is Now Representing Parapet Cap by PreBuck

J2 Sales Solutions is proud to announce that they are now representing the Parapet Cap by PreBuck throughout the state of Michigan. Custom manufactured, the Parapet Cap by PreBuck combines strength and quality with speed and efficiency to save time and money.

Gain the Benefits of the Parapet Cap in Your Next Project

PreBuck technology offers the fastest, smartest construction solutions available today. Custom manufactured to design specifications, the Parapet Cap by PreBuck combines strength and quality with speed and efficiency for easy installation and a durability you can count on. It is designed for direct contact with concrete, is non-corrosive to metals and will not cup, warp or twist over time.

Save Money on Installation

  • Innovative design easily sets cap in place for efficient, time-saving construction
  • Coming in a 16’ standard length, each order is custom manufactured to design specifications
  • Various pitch-styled widths are available up to 26”

Durability You Can Count On

  • Flat, stable framing material that won’t cup, warp or twist over time
  • Will not delaminate, become spongy or lose fastener holding strength when exposed to the elements in typical commercial construction
  • StandGuard (LSL) engineered lumber treated with zinc borate for exceptional resistance to insects, fungus and decay
  • LSL holds fasteners as well as regular dimensional framing lumber
  • Features MDI Resin, a 100% waterproof bonding agent that turns to durable plastic when cured

Flexible Option For Your Specific Project

  • Can be flat or pitched up to 3/8” drop per lineal foot
  • Available in insulated and non-insulated
  • Customized countersinking cutouts fit any bolt type
  • Optional metal flange attaches to parapet wall for self-alignment
  • Can be easily cut out to match building angles
  • A sustainable, NAHB National Green Building Certified product that can contribute LEED points when seeking certification

Contact J2 Sales to Get Started

Our team is available to help you maximize the benefits of utilizing the Parapet Cap by PreBuck.

  • Take offs and Project Quotes
  • Specification and Take Off Training
  • Installation Training and Assistance
  • Technical Assistance

Contact: J. Costen at 616-826-9122, j.costen@j2sales.net

Download our Parapet Cap flyer.



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